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Cutting and machining center for Composite profiles

Our ATEKA 8C machining center dedicated to composites materials has all the characteristics of our ATEKA 8P center with in addition the following features :

  • Extraction of machining dust
  • Complete cleaning of parts with output suction
  • Fully faired machine
  • Specific components suitable for machining composite materials /li>
  • Process validated by the French Occupational Health Organization

Our ATEKA 8C ensure high production rate in a small space.
This compact center integrates a machining and sawing station allowing a very fast implementation and production, perfectly meets the needs of manufacturers wishing to improve their production, their manufacturing time, and their profitability.

This machining center allows the execution of all drilling and milling on the 4 faces of the profiles, combines technology, design and flexibility of functionalities.


  • Flexibility of the choice of saw blades, 1 to 3 cut blades digitally inclined horizontally and/or vertically
  • Modular and upgradeable sawing station to have up to 3 cutting modules or counter-profiling
  • Wide choice of machining function (16 spindles), drilling, milling, counter-profiling….
  • Large integration capabilities: choice of options with assembly cut functions
  • Automatic identification of finished parts, multiple printing choices, labeling, inkjet printing, LASER printing
  • Control software developped by BDM, intuitive and accessible configurations for any operator
  • Storage system for parts in trolleys
  • Wide choice of additional options, consult us from the study phase of your project

Production capacity depending on machine configuration