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Machining and cutting center with double cabin for PVC profiles

Our ATEKA 9P CNC machining center allows, from raw bars loaded automatically or manually, to produce machined parts, cut to length, identified and ready to assemble.

This machining center offers modularity allowing very high production rates and covering all customer needs while combining speed and precision that make the reputation of our ATEKA range cutting and machining centers.


  • 3-blade saw for straight or digitally inclined cuts horizontally, vertically, or combined, optional end milling station
  • Possibility to combine several stations (different machining and/or cutting stations)
  • Simultaneous cutting and machining operations for optimal production rates
  • Machining center with high flexibility of choice of integrated tools
  • Identification of parts at the entrance and/or exit of the machine
  • Storage of machined parts and recoverable off-cuts
  • Control software
  • Evacuation of parts either to the operator or to an unloading robot with automatic sorting
  • Wide choice of additional options, consult us from the study phase of your project

Production capacity depending on machine configuration