CND 1000

Numerically controlled machining centres for Wooden Parts


  • Wood


  • Automatic centre specially designed for working long, narrow wooden parts
  • Cutting, drilling, grooving

Allowable part dimensions:

  • Maximum section 150 x 150 mm
  • 3,000 mm as standard / up to 7,000 mm as option
  • Feed rate 100 m/min
  • Numerically controlled centre for work on parts in Wood and derivatives
  • Allows the production of cuts, drillings and grooves on the top, bottom, rear and end of the parts
  • Modular construction, work in 3 axes, option to adapt the number of carriages and spindles for a large variety of cuts
  • Machine equipped with one or more moving rear carriages, and a carriage above it that machines the part held on the fixed working surface
  • Manual or automatic parts feed with indexing working surface,
  • Exclusive clamping equipment not needing any manual adjustment,
  • Varied applications: street furniture, wooden buildings, verandas, fitting out, varied long narrow parts
  • High accuracy +/- 0.2 mm per linear metre
  • Automatic programming post-processor with batch file and or 2/3D model import as option