Portal Processing Centre

Materials :

  • Aluminium
  • Steel

Applications :

Machining of aluminium or light steel profiles for e.g.

  • Construction elements
  • Curtain walls
  • Furniture
  • Industrial manufacturing

    Machine dimensions: (mm, L x W x H): approx. 9,750 x 2,240 x 3,100

    Max. profile dimensions: (mm, L x W x H): 7,500 x 400 x 250

    Processing spindle:

    • Power: 7.5 kW at 24,000 rpm max
    • Travel range (mm): 7,800/ 1,420 / 690 (x, y, z)
    • SK 30 tool holding fixture

    Automatic tool magazine:

    • Moves with the portal
    • Number of tools: 12, 4 places can be used for angular heads
    • Side milling cutter/ Saw blade: Ø max. 200 mm
    • Cutting width: max. 5.7 mm
    • Length incl. tool holding fixture: max. 160 mm
    • Drilling tool and shank cutter: Ø max. 20 mm

    Machining modes:

    Thread milling, tapping, thread forming, flow drilling, helical plunge milling

      • Comprehensive 6-side machining, 4 sides as well as profile ends at different angles
      • Multi piece function: Machining of optionally up to four cut-to-size profiles with different cross sections in one pass
      • Automatic tool magazine, that moves with the portal, for 12 tools, 4 places for angular heads included
      • Eight automatically positionable, pneumatic clamping vises, which guarantee a gentle and safe fixation of the profiles
      • Up-to-date control technology in terms of a comfortable and flexible IPC-based control
      • Robust construction with stable, welded machine base and hardened, ground guide rails ensures high operational safety and availability
      • Optionally pendulum mode, double bar mode as well as profile measurings (length, height) available